Gorgeous Hair Extensions in Somers, NY

Instantly Transform Your Look!

Extensions are a fabulous way to get the gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed about.

At Xavier Color Concepts, we are one of the few New York salons to offer Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) Hair Extensions. This innovative solution was developed in Laguna Beach, CA by a stylist who conducted years of research experimenting with various methods of hair extensions. Whether the technique involved glue, beads, tape, or braids, she found that the more areas of real hair you attach the extensions to, the more damage is done. In creating Natural Beaded Rows, her goal of creating a method that produced full, luscious looks, but with less damage was realized.

Nicole, the founder and owner of Xavier Color Concepts, traveled to the West Coast to learn this technique from the best, and has brought the innovation to her Westchester hair salon. In just a few years, NBR has become the most popular service at the salon, and for good reason. It has proven to be the most natural, light-weight, and comfortable hair extension option available.

Frequently asked Questions

Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions could be right for you:

What are Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions?

Natural Beaded Rows (NBR) Hair Extensions are an exclusive hair extension technique created and taught by Danielle K. White of DKW Styling. NBR extensions are the best way to achieve the naturally looking, full, and gorgeous hair you’ve always dreamed of! The hair extensions are placed in full rows in the hair using a “track” made with an exclusive bead and string technique. Wefts, a line of hair, are sewn into the track and blend seamlessly into your natural hair. The NBR extensions are custom cut, colored, and styled to reach your hair goals!


How much do NBR extensions cost?

Most first time clients receiving Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions at Xaviers Color + Styling can expect to invest between $800.00 – $1,500.00. This investment includes 100% human Remy hair, seamless custom color, application, cut, and styling. Initial investment pricing varies based on the number of “rows” installed, color changes of your current hair, and your desired goal. Your NBR extensions are intended to last 4-6 months with proper care and upkeep. A standard re-tightening is suggested every 6-8 weeks and ranges from $300-$500 dependent on the number of “rows” installed and coloring needs.


Natural Beaded Rows Certified Stylists in NY: NBR stylists near me?
Nicole Botticelli, owner of Xaviers Color + Styling, is a Certified NBR Stylists in Westchester County, NY. Nicole traveled to California to study the Natural Beaded Rows method of hair extensions under the creator Danielle K. White to ensure she treats her clients to the best hair extension experience possible. Nicole’s knowledge, certifications, and hands-on experience ensure you are in the right stylist’s chair.
What’s the difference between NBR extensions and tape ins?

Natural Beaded Rows extensions are the exclusive hair extension method that causes little to NO damage to your natural hair, are comfortable and lightweight, and are not visible, unlike tape in extensions. Tape in extensions require much more maintenance, come with many restrictions, and are notorious for the tape showing through with even the slightest movement. NBR extensions do not involve any tape or glue and have minimal points of contact with your natural hair, ensuring no damage and keeping your natural hair healthy! NBR extensions are extremely easy to hide- even with your hair in a ponytail. Your daily lifestyle and activities will not be limited by NBR extensions. You can swim, work out, style your hair as you would with natural hair without having to stress about your extensions showing or being damaged.


Who is a candidate for NBR extensions?

Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions are such a customized experience at Xaviers Color + Styling, we suggest filling out the NBR Application. You’ll submit photos and answer some quick questions so we can determine if NBR extensions are right for you!


Can NBR extensions be worn straight? If I wear my hair straight with NBR extensions, will the beads be hidden?

Yes! You can absolutely wear your Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions straight! Xaviers Color + Styling ensure your NBR hair extensions will not show through whether your hair is straight, in a pony tail, or curly.

Do NBR extensions damage your hair?

No! And that’s why we LOVE them! Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions use no tape or glue and do not damage the hair in the ways traditional hair extension methods do. NBR extensions are quick and easy to remove, taking only about 5 minutes. NBR extensions are applied with very few points of contact with your natural hair, which helps to keep your natural hair healthy!


How long do NBR extensions last? How often do I have to get new hair?

With proper care, application, and upkeep, Natural Beaded Rows extensions are intended to last 4-6 months. At Xaviers Color + Styling, we recommend having the extensions adjusted and re-tightened every 6-8 weeks and replacing the hair every 4-6 months. Some clients choose to refresh their extensions with new hair sooner than later- the choice is yours!

Can you color, cut, and style NBR extensions?

Yes! Xaviers Color + Styling customizes your NBR extensions cut, color, and style to seamlessly blend into your natural hair. In doing so, finding where your natural hair ends and your extensions begin are near impossible. NBR extensions can be color matched to your existing hair color or Xaviers Color + Styling can give both your natural hair and extensions a customized color! NBR extensions are so versatile- one of the million reasons we love them!

Are NBR extensions human hair?

Yes! Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions at Xaviers Color + Styling are 100% human Remy hair. Remy hair is considered the gold standard, finest quality human hair used for extensions because the cuticles are kept intact and are not stripped. Intact cuticles allow the hair to be aligned in a unidirectional fashion so that they appear completely natural.

Can I wear my hair in a ponytail with NBR extensions?

Yes! One of the best things about Natural Beaded Rows extensions is the fact that they are near impossible to spot! NBR extensions were designed with discretion in mind. Ponytails and many other versatile styles can be worn without worry about the extensions showing through.

Can I get hair extensions for volume? Do hair extensions have to be long?

Adding volume without length is very possibly with Natural Beaded Rows hair extensions at Xaviers Color + Styling! You do not have to have the drama of long hair to have your volume wishes granted. As long as your hair is shoulder length, NBR extensions will add all the volume you’d like.